These images outline our vision towards the global changes we all need.
If the images don’t start to slide automatically, try clicking the image. Our map is also available as a PDF file here:WeAppan Vision Map

Timeline for the WeAppan Vision
WeAppan Vision Timeline

(2018 -)/ Building collaboration between WeAppan team, marketing companies, development team and the public.

(2019 -)/ WeAppan Developing, creating, testing then marketing through distributed ledger technology for all users. Crowdfunding campaign is extremely successful and completed.

(2020 -24)/ live operations will begin. Team building starts in as many countries as possible bringing the WeAppan experience to all major areas of the world. WeAppan committee establishes and begin the process of establishing the legal frameworks necessary to maintain the entire ecosystem. WeAppan begins the development of (Wecoins) and establishing (WeAccts)

(2023 -)/ WeAppan begins development of (proprietary devices). Distributed ledger compatible, and able to be distributed freely throughout the world. WeAppan begins the planning and distribution of it’s (Internet of everything & Us! The world’s first human operating devices and infrastructure systems).

(2024 -)/ WeAppan begins development of connected cities and (community hubs). Resource based communities that are self sufficient and environmentally sustainable.
WeAppan begins development of it’s own prosumer based products and services brand called (GoodsEvolution). This period will foster in the foundations of Outsider, Collaborative, and Collective Creativity.

(2024 – 30)/ WeAppan begins development of community focused and zone designated autonomous transportation pods. (Wepods – autonomous vehicles similar to a modern styled tuk tuk experience.)


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