Holochain is a framework for distributed apps, a technology similar to that which powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Holochain makes sure that the WeAppan application is secure, that all transactions are utterly fair and dependable. The WeAppan/ Holochain connection will provide strong anonymity and verified identity,  micropayments and microtrades, and unbreakable message encryption and storage.

And it allows WeAppan to grow and improve continuously and seamlessly. If the community wants a new feature or ability, the community can make it happen quickly and efficiently. 

The WeAppan App team plans on working with Holochain developers soon. The first version should be available in Summer 2019. 


Examples of User Experiences:


A new WeAppan user registers as a certified mechanic offering freelance work or employee
service to an authorized import car company. Notifications are automatically sent to import car
shops looking to hire mechanics. Instant notifications are also sent to interested individuals willing
to pay for import car service from independent mechanics in their area who are using WeAppan. (Cryptocurrency can be used to pay for services like this, or used to invest in new    community services from the people living in their community.)


As a WeAppan user tours a new city, WeAppan automatically displays the user’s preferred attractions currently available in that area. The information for each attraction and their locations are shown. After choosing an attraction, the user decides to pay the WeAppan associated
discounted price for online tickets with either their WeAppan UDI (Universal Data Income) personal account (free
banking account where each member’s Universal Data Income is deposited every month) or
cryptocurrency, saving them time and money. (Cryptocurrency can be used to pay for the
products and services within the city, or used to get discounts, benefits, and special deals for
                                                                    using WeAppan.)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           You enjoy shopping so you’d like to visit the malls while you explore a new city. WeAppan will automatically list all the malls and their information within a 50 miles ratios as soon as you arrive, showcase your favorite stores with real-time products shown with their availability, quick pay and delivery, and even allow for customers to reserve products. It also displays the most convenient transportation & routes, list attractions and prices including quick pay, points of interest, downloadable maps & informative media, direct messaging for assistance, comments or ratings  from friends or customers etc.. All the stuff you now need different apps for, together in one application.

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- George Linicomm

Founder, WeAppan

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