Visionary: George Linicomn
George Linicomn is an artist, designer and a change agent. George obtained a U.S. patent for his original jean design called Woven Jeans in 2002 which were written in Women’s Wear Daily as a full page article. George’s life as an artist/designer was featured in the Dallas Morning News in 2002, which subsequently caught the attention of Haggar Clothing Co. In Fort Worth, Texas. (See the link below for the full articles)
Participative Art led by George was conceived and displayed for the first time in 1994 at a solo show held at the Texas Commerce Tower in Dallas. The concept for Participative Art didn’t mature until the early 2000’s. George’s decision to commit to only producing and showing Participative Art lead to the development of his current project WeAppan, rooted in social activism and technology.
George is passionate about empowering all people. He believes that with providing privacy and data control to WeAppan users individual empowerment can be established. He is a systems thinker attracting supporters from around the world who are enthusiastic about developing our mobile application WeAppan.
George is also a full-time world traveler and a loving husband.
Integrator/User Experience Designer: Anton Hakanson (
International Lawyer
Media Consultant: Ashley Berges (
Education Strategic Coordinator: Hyelim Yang (


Our Story

The Story of Us!
Our story is of our current global situation, and the choices we have to make while developing a new paradigm shift towards the future. This will include the experiences from our journey, your life, and the state of humanity and the planet moving forward through the fourth industrial revolution.
“Throughout my life I’ve become aware of the gifts I have as a result of my autistic condition, these are a few of them. I’m capable of seeing the evolution of anything I’m genuinely interested in, in order to connect the dots through pattern recognition, and attracting the people necessary to help us move forward. I’m also able to envision the pathways through unforeseen challenges that will direct people through these complex processes so that our future endeavors benefit everyone!”
Within the past few years I’ve been building a global team of partners, collaborators and supporters ready to take action in establishing a global movement and mobile application concept called WeAppan.
George Linicomn Jr.

With Your Help, We will Make The World a Better Place

Our Mission & Approach

The fact that the world is not prepared for the 4th industrial revolution, is the foremost problem that will effect every industry sector known to man. Our mission is to create the decentralized platform that will impact every industry sector worldwide. Internet Fragmentation, connecting the unconnected, worldwide digital inequality, lack of an international legal framework for future digital infrastructures, and the lack of collaborative global leadership are a few of the social issues that will improve by establishing our solution. Protecting the digital privacy and integrity of all users will be paramount to our iteration as we evolve. Preparing the world, while implementing our ubiquitous mobile application will generate the collaborative funding and effort needed to accomplish the mission set forth by this challenge. A ubiquitous intelligent agent who truly cares for people is also greatly needed in order to fully realize the potential of everyone in the world.

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