– To protect personal rights through distributed ledger technology

– To collectively build economic power for the people

– To ensure data privacy and ownership

– To create a collaborative partnership built on trust

– To establish an improved quality of life for everyone and our planet

– To create real social impact through a global sharing economy

– To make sure users are compensated by monetizing their data

– To develop global connectivity that connects everything, everywhere, to everyone at any time

– To build strong families, healthy environmental and sustainable communities on a global scale


                                                          Vision Phases (Please go to the Vision Map page to see the full Vision Map)

– Phase 1 WeAppan: Hyper-connectivity

– Phase 2 Internet of Things: Device Inter-connection

– Phase 3 Sharing Economy: Collaborative Consumption

– Phase 4 Smart Communities: Digital Sharing Hubs

– Phase 5 Beyond Singularity: Positive Partnership with Machines

What can You do Now to Help?

WeAppan is about building positive relationships with people around the world as we grow. We look forward to getting to know you better so that we have a chance to understand how we can help each other through our global mission. We are asking everyone to help out whenever you get an opportunity to do so. Please spread the word about WeAppan by sharing our website and vision map on your FB wall, to your friends and other social media networks. If you speak any other languages, please translate the vision map and send it out to the people in your countrie(s) throughout all of your various social media platforms.

Due to the volume of support and interest that’s building about WeAppan, we are asking everyone to answer our WeAppan questionnaire if you’re interested in remaining up to date about our progress. Thank you for understanding and cooperation!

Please feel free to join us in our WeAppan group page on Facebook also.

Additional Video Information

Additional information for project clarification:
(WeAppan will enable the future that Michael and Johann are talking about in these videos.)

We’re on a mission to save our planet and everyone on it from the unintended consequences set forth by the digital transformation, and the fourth industrial revolution. 

- George Linicomm

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