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                               THE STORY OF US!

We’re on a mission to save our planet and everyone on it from the unintended consequences set forth by the digital transformation, and the fourth industrial revolution. Our project is progressing beyond expectations and It’s a pleasure to have an opportunity to explain not only our story, but the journey we can share moving forward into the future.

The Story of Us

Our story is of our current global situation, and the choices we have to make towards our evolving future as we are currently developing a new paradigm shift. This will include the experiences from our journey, your life, and the state of humanity and the planet moving forward through the fourth industrial revolution.

Hi everyone I’m George Linicomn, founder of Whatappenz.
“Throughout my life I’ve become aware of the gifts I have as a result of my autistic condition, these are a few of them. I’m capable of seeing the evolution of anything I’m genuinely interested in, in order to connect the dots through pattern recognition, and attracting the people necessary to help us move forward. I’m also able to envision the pathways through unforseen challenges that will direct people through these complex processes so that our future endeavors benefit everyone!”

Within the past few years I’ve been building a global team of partners, collaborators and supporters ready to take action in establishing a global movement and mobile application concept called WhatAppenz.

WhatAppenz is a decentralized mobile platform developed through distributed ledger technology, (Holochain) advocating for your rights to control your online privacy and data. This application concept has a people first agenda, automating real-time customization of user’s data. Check out our first video. ( )

Whatappenz (The mobile application) is only a concept right now. But after running a Kickstarter campaign, we will create a mobile application that will enable you to own your data and control your data privacy. We will do this by fighting for your right to own your data on a global scale because our support is building up right now to make sure this happens. Then you and everyone else will be enabled an opportunity to make an income from your data usage or sharing.

We are taking a grassroots effort in establishing our business model. We are going directly to the people to establish a global movement, building a mobile application funded by our supporters, then redesigning both the social and technological systems of the world so that they benefit all people and the planet.

There is no way to predict when and how this digital transformation is going to happen, but it’s best that we remain agile and open minded to begin the process of preparing for it before it’s too late.

Because of the volume of support and interest that’s building about WhatAppenz, we’re asking everyone to please answer the following questionnaire if you’re interested in remaining up to date about our progress. Thank you for understanding!

Please Visit WhatAppenz FB page:

Additional information for project clarification:
(WhatAppenz will enable the future that Michael and Johann are talking about in these videos.)

I know it’s a lot of information, but it’s all extremely important to the future of our planet and humanity.

Please feel free to share our information on all of your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc….

Thank you!
George Linicomn