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WEAPPAN – All-in-one App for the Future 



Weappan is a new form of digital connectivity within an all-in-one app. It secures your data and
privacy, you own your data, you earn through your data, and you are connected to everyone, everything and everywhere.

Weappan is on the pathway to solving systemic challenges, prepare us as we advance through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and empowers all people by not only giving them control over their personal data and privacy rights, but also establishes new systems of education, self improvement, and global governance.

This is one of the most effective ways of explaining Weappan: 

Imagine that you are enabled to control your online data or information in a way that instantly assigns everything you personally have to offer, want, or look for with a secured IP address attached to that data online e.g., your current location, personal profile, resume, personal property, products or services, your passions, hobbies, interest or talents. Whenever the company, people, places or things looking for what you have to offer or have what you’re looking for is available, your commonly linked data will be automatically connected, secured, then sent directly to both of you, and the other party, or assigned to resolve your situations autonomously in real time.

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- George Linicomm

Founder, Weappan

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